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Neon Glow Party

We believe that halloween is the perfect night to spend in community, with friends, and celebrating the opportunity to fellowship in God's house.[And we always love an excuse to have a good time!]

Saturday night, we will be hosting a night of neon blacklight fun + games. So come in costume, invite all your friends, and plan on 4 hours of non-stop craziness.

If you have a costume or clothing item (or nail polish, etc) that will glow under blacklight, we recommend wearing it for even more fun. 


There will be Glow Bar of appetizers and drinks (GF options too), and in-between games everyone will have the opportunity to eat and visit while we flip the room for the next game.

The party will be at the church @ 211 S. Lee St in the gym. We hope to see you there!! 

October 31st | 7-11pm | grades 7-12

a note for parents

Thank you so much for letting your student come hang out with us for the night. We know that everyone has a lot going on this time of year, but we just wanted to let everyone know that we would LOVE TO HAVE SOME HELP cleaning up after the party! 

If you would like to come help us clean up after the party, we will begin clean up at 11:15pm

We will be having church Sunday morning and another event Sunday night, so we will need to make sure everything gets cleaned up before we go home. And the more hands the quicker we will be.

Thanks again for all you do to support your student. We appreciate you so much!!

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